Discover the world heritage via multiple "listening points"

Listening tour „Water experience in Augsburg”

With the listening tour “Water experience in Augsburg – the secret capital of fountains, canals and power plants” one can rediscover the city. The tour begins at Augustus fountain on the city hall plaza. From there it continues through several “listening points” in the old city and on to the water towers at the Red Gate. There is just a short tram ride to the nature preserve and protected area for drinking water in the Augsburg city forest until reaching Hochablass, an important monument to Augsburg’s water management.

You can load the listening tour free of charge onto your smartphone. Look for it in the App store and in Google Play store under the heading “Bayerisch-Schwaben-Lauschtour”.

The listening tour is made available by the Landscape Management Association of the city of Augsburg in cooperation with the Tourism Association of Allgäu/Bavarian-Swabia.


Duration with Tram:
approx. 2.5 hours
Walking time:
approx. 1.5 hours
Route distance:
5 km
German, English
Bayerisch Schwaben
0821 45040110