Power plant Meitingen ©Martin Augsburger/Stadt Augsburg
Power plant Meitingen

The plant was built between 1920 and 1922 - the last one on the Lech canal. At that time it was needed in order to supply electric power for the Siemens-Plania electrochemical factory nearby.

Building history and description

  • Hydroelectric power plant, still in operation today
  • Markt Meitingen, Landkreis Augsburg; Bernhardt-Monath-Straße 46
  • Start of sewer excavation 1898
  • Commissioning 1922
  • Attachment to the power plant 1938
  • hipped roof construction across the canal
  • Structure of the three-part, plastered facade by pilasters and accentuation with fake mezzanine
  • elongated windows and arched windows in the upper third of the building
  • steel lattice windows
  • low hipped roof on the west side
  • empty shot in the east
  • neighboring substation, oriented towards the design of the power plant (two-storey, ground floor round arched window, upper floor rectangular windows, plastered facade, hipped roof with beaver-tail roofing)
Maschinenraum im Kraftwerk in Meitingen ©Martin Augsburger/Stadt Augsburg
Einlaufkanäle am Kraftwerk in Meitingen ©Martin Augsburger/Stadt Augsburg
Kraftwerk in Meitingen ©Martin Augsburger/Stadt Augsburg

Use and purpose

  • Hydropower plant for power generation (first for company, then for region)
  • Lechkanal has at this point 8m high dikes, enormous drop height of 13.4m
  • The turning point of the First World War is also evident in the architecture, deviating from the historical stylistic idiom applied in Gersthofen and Langweid
  • Technical equipment:
    • three Francis double turbines from Voith
    • three 1922 AEG generatores
  • Power station on the Lech Canal built in three sections from 1898-1922
  • Foundation of the Lechwerke 1903
  • Lech Canal was extended by 10 km until 1922 to Meitingen
  • three kilometers north of the power plant, the Lech Canal flows back into the Lech
  • Construction led to the settlement of Siemens Plania AG
  • Power plant as an object of the UNESCO nomination stands for:
    • Further development from small-scale to industrial scale
    • Further development from a simple waterwheel to a highly effective turbine
    • early replacement of mechanical transfers of hydroelectric power in the region by electrification
    • Early replacement of local hydropower and electricity generation by decentralized run-of-river power plants
    • Use of renewable energies benefits the environment,
    • "Augsburg tradition" of sustainability as a global role model

Authenticity and unique features

  • Generator coils rewrapped and turbines rehabilitated in 2016, otherwise original condition
  • originally only Francis turbines in all three Lech Canal power plants
  • construction-time equipment, however, only in Meitingen until today in operation
  • Providing technical development to a well-preserved, exemplary hydropower plant

Information and location

General Information:

The power plant is in private property.

Opening hours:

Not publicly open


Lechwerke AG
Schaezlerstraße 3
86150 Augsburg

+49(0)821 328-0

Guided Tours:

No guided tours


With the car: Take the B2 and exit at “Meitingen West”. After the exit, at the round-about, take the second exit (Peter-Dörfler-Straße). At the second round-about continue straight ahead until turning right onto Donauwörther Straße and then take the first left into Bernhard-Monath-Straße. Before reaching the Lech canal, turn right on to the street which leads to the power plant.

With the train: The Bahnhof Meitingen (train station Meitingen) is on the way between Augsburg and Donauwörth and is only 2 kilometers away from the power plant.


The power plant is located on the west side of Meitingen.