The amazing history of Augsburg’s water

Human ingenuity, innovative engineering knowledge and world-class works of art: a recipe for the success of Augsburg’s water resources management system. It is rare to find a single place where the water management system is seamlessly documented over more than 800 years. In Augsburg the intricate interplay between the innovative spirit and technical tour de force is strikingly clear.


Vom Fluss in die Stadt
The Middle Ages

From the river
into the city

Augsburg’s engineers and scholars were very resourceful in damming and redirecting the water of the rivers Lech, Wertach and Singold so that it would reach the entire city. In this achievement they were the European forerunners.
  1. First Lech canals
  2. Lech weir at Hochablass
  3. Waterworks at the Red Gate and Aqueduct
  4. Galgenablass (culvert)
map middle ages
Trinkwasser für alle
The Modern Era

Drinking water
for everyone

Providing the public with clean drinking water had an important effect on the development of the city. Water was pumped through the Waterworks and the fountains into the upper city. The city architect Elias Holl set new standards for hygiene when his Stadtmetzg (city butchers house) was built.
  1. Waterworks at the Red Gate
  1. Lower waterworks
  2. Augustus Fountain
  3. Mercury Fountain
  4. Hercules Fountain
  5. Stadtmetzg (city butchers house)
  6. Waterworks at the Vogeltor
map new era
Wasserkraft voraus
The Industrialisation

Water power
full speed ahead

Engineers and tradesmen in Augsburg learned to tame the unruly power of the water and to use it to their advantage. In so doing they laid the foundation for the economic advancement of the city.
  1. Power plant Riedinger Senkelbach
  2. Power plant at the Stadtbach
  3. Water works at Hochablass
  4. Power plant at the Fabrikkanal
  5. Power plant at the Singold
  6. Power plant at Wolfzahnau
  7. Power plant in Gersthofen
  8. Power plant in Langweid
  9. Power plant at the Wertach
  10. Power plant at the Proviantbach
  11. Power plant in Meitingen
  12. Canoe course at the Eiskanal
map industrialisation


Living with and on water - the abundance of water makes Augsburg an extremely desireable city to live in.

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